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01 April 2012 @ 01:16 pm
Loose Prompts  
Loose monthly prompts will be collected here~

There's no 'claiming', though feel free to comment with any that are interesting or ones you might be working on.

January 2012
• the only sound was that of children playing nearby
• two out of three ain't bad
• running with scissors
• ice cream
• the first snowstorm of the year

February 2012
• light in the dark
• well, this is a stupid situation...
• all that glitters is gold
• you can always find a way out

March 2012
• you can't rewrite history
• we're so close to something better left unknown
• a chance of rain
• what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
• chasing stars
• every day is exactly the same

April 2012
• Every eye sewn shut
• All the relics of a life long lived
• Give me truth instead
• We live in every moment but this one
• From a dusty bookshelf
• Death is the winner in any war